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Market Orders And Pending Orders


There are 2 types of orders:

1. Market orders : Order is placed manually, live at current market price
2. Pending orders : Order that is placed at the market and will only become active if and when current price hits the specified price

Pending orders are especially useful when you do not have the time to be in front of the computer to monitor the price all day. It can be used on all time frames, but usually this method is utilized on higher time frames. Pending orders are normally used by traders to place a Stop Loss or Take Profit.

There are 2 types of pending order that can be used by traders : Stop Orders & Limit Orders.


These allow you to set a pending order with a stop loss to anticipate price moving against your position. For example you have a BUY EURUSD at 1.3500 expecting price to move to 1.3700.

However nothing is certain and you want to limit your risk exposure. You place a STOP ORDER at 1.3450. This limits your risk exposure to just 50 points.


These allow you to set a pending order with a take profit to anticipate price moving in your position’s direction. These orders can also be used to place a trade when the price is not yet seen. Limit orders are used when you want to buy at cheaper level or sell at higher level.

For example: EURUSD is at 1.3500 and you want to buy at 1.3400. You can place a LIMIT ORDER BUY at 1.3400 so when price crosses that level you will automatically have a BUY position at 1.3400

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