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All praise and gratitude be to the God Almighty, and our utmost respect to our partners and the general public. Through this opportunity please allow us to introduce PT. Agrodana Futures, established in year 2000, specializing in futures and commodities trading.

We are a licensed futures broker since year 2000, regulated and monitored by BAPPEBTI (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi) under the Department of Trade.

Our company’s motto “SERVICE EXCELLENCE” drives us to give the best possible service so that we gain full confidence and trust from our shareholders and clients, in developing our business. We are always thinking on how to give a better service, planning and adapting to changes and positioning ourselves for a long-term growth. An important part of our plan is sustainability and continuity. We continue to develop our teams and workforce so that they are able to work professionally and efficiently in servicing and fulfilling our clients’ needs. We strive to service our clients better.

One of our mission is to create and provide a trading environment for forex, commodities, metals, crude oil and CFD Stock Indices that is fair, transparent and very professional to both individual clients and corporate ones. We are committed to providing the latest technology to Indonesia’s trading communities and we strive to provide the tools and means that will assist traders/investors improving their trading skills. Market advances very rapidly and quickly. Therefore, we aim to provide and adopt the latest technology and most up-to-date information for our clients.

Our main assets are our people, capital and reputation. Of those three assets, reputation is the hardest to resurrect if it was ever damaged or went downhill. Agrodana Futures will always adhere and follow all the rules, regulations and ethics code as laid out by our regulator, BAPPEBTI.

“Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business.”

We demand all team member of Agrodana Futures to uphold and practice the highest ethics standard in all aspects of life and work. Without integrity and honesty, we Agrodana Futures, would not be at the position that we are at now.

Our team of experts will continue to develop the latest methods and methodology in order to stay abreast of advancement in technology. We hope that our partners and clients will not be fooled by solicitation from an unlicensed and illegal brokerage company. As the world becomes more open so is the flow of information and products.

Lastly, please allow us to thank you for your attention and trust, especially to our partners and clients, and to the general public, in helping this industry develop and be full of integrity.

Laurentius Gunawan, MM.
President Director

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