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What is CFD Trading?

CFD (Contract for difference) offers traders and investors opportunity to profit from instruments’ price movements without having to own their underlying assets. It is very simple and practical for traders who want to trade indices of the world’s largest stock markets.

Why Trade CFD?

CFD trading allows traders and investors to trade stock indices on margin. With CFD trading, investors and traders can sell stock indices just as easily as to buy them. No restrictions on short-selling stock indices.

As for the stock indices, we offer CFD online tradings in Asian stock market indices and US indices. Asian stock market indices available for trading are Japan Stock Index and Hong Kong Stock Index. US stock market indices available for trading include some of the world’s largest stock market indices such as Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq.

CFD Stock Indices

Major Stock Indices


Japan Stock Index, Hong Kong Stock Index


CFD Dow Jones Index, CFD S&P 500 Index, CFD Nasdaq Index

PT. Agrodana Futures offer free Demo Accounts, News, Charts, and Analysis. These are very valuable resources for investors and traders who would like to test their trading skills and systems with “hypothetical” money before opening a live trading account and risking real money. Before opening a live trading account, it is recommended to practice first using this demo account.

Investors/traders should familiarize themselves with the trading platform and how the currency market fluctuates. By taking advantage of this offer, you can get the feel of the market before committing your hard-earned money for trading. Please remember that these demo accounts are meant to familiarize you with the trading platform, trading orders, price movements etc. Placing an order in “real” versus “practice” account are 2 very different things. Thus investors/traders should never assume that profitable practice account is indicative of future results with real account as the markets are always ever changing, and we as humans are capable of making so many mistakes that even the best laid plans can still sometimes go wrong – especially when money is on the line and we are under stress.

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