Crude Oil Futures - COFR

Oil futures contract that is traded in Indonesian Rupiah

Crude Oil Futures - COFR


Crude oil is driven by demand and supply and market sentiments. It provides a great trading opportunity to make profit


Crude oil is often used as a hedge against inflation and instrument to diversify your portfolio


Crude oil is one of the more actively traded commodities in the market. It is very liquid.


How Can You Participate

Currently at Agrodana, we have 3 related crude oil trading instruments

Crude oil regular account

Minimum USD 10.000

Crude oil mini account

Minimum USD 1.000

Crude oil micro account

Minimum Rp 500.000,-


Before you start trading crude oil, you must consider your investment objectives and risk tolerance level. This is investment is not for everyone. There is always the risk to lose money. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

How to Get Started

You can take advantage of crude oil’s fluctuation by opening a regular, mini or micro trading accounts today

Regular and Mini Accounts

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Micro Accounts

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Agrodana Futures

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