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What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is simply an act to buy and sell currencies. Forex traders and investors trade forex to speculate on the fluctuating values of currencies.

The Foreign Exchange (FX) market is the largest financial market in the world. FX volume exceeds $5 trillion a day, according to the latest data from Bank of International Settlement. Forex trading is the process of simultaneously buying one currency and selling of another. Currency pairs are traded 24 hours a day, across the world in an over-the-counter (OTC) market, meaning there is no exchange.

The currency market is the only market that is truly open 24 hours a day with decent liquidity throughout the day. The major trading centers are spread throughout many different time zones, eliminating the need to wait for an opening or closing bell. We offer tradings in major currency pairs and cross rates.

“Forex or foreign exchange is the price of one currency in exchange for another currency”

Why Trade Forex

2 Way Trading

Whichever way the market goes, you can still profit. In currency trading, traders and investors can open a SELL position just as easily as opening a BUY position. In a rising market, forex traders can take BUY positions and in a falling market, forex traders can take SELL positions.

High Liquidity

Forex market is extremely liquid. Under normal market conditions, traders and investors can instantaneously buy and/or sell currencies. Never worry about not being able to exit a trade because of lack of buying/selling interests.


When trading forex, traders and investors can take advantage of the leverage available. Leverage can work for you and against you. With leverage of 100:1, traders can control trade size 100 times bigger than their capital. For example a USD 10k account would enable traders to buy and/or sell USD 1 million worth of currencies.

24 Hour Market

Forex market opens 24 hours a day, five days a week. Market opens on Monday in Australia and continues to New York close on Friday afternoon. FX traders and investors can choose when to trade and customize their own trading schedule.

Trade Forex Online





These are very valuable resources for investors and traders who would like to test their trading skills and systems with “hypothetical” money before opening a live trading account and risking real money. Before opening a live trading account, it is recommended to practice first using this demo account.

Investors/traders should familiarize themselves with the trading platform and how the currency market fluctuates. By taking advantage of this offer, you can get the feel of the market before committing your hard-earned money for trading. Please remember that these demo accounts are meant to familiarize you with the trading platform, trading orders, price movements etc. Placing an order in “real” versus “practice” account are 2 very different things. Thus investors/traders should never assume that profitable practice account is indicative of future results with real account as the markets are always ever changing, and we as humans are capable of making so many mistakes that even the best laid plans can still sometimes go wrong – especially when money is on the line and we are under stress.

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